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Your guide to getting your finances into shape

Thu 01 Mar 2018

With the start of the new financial tax year there’s never a better time to review your finances and get them in better shape. We recognise that being financially fitter isn’t simply about saving money and spending less. It’s about helping individuals to make sure they’re in control of their money and enabling them to build their own financial safety net.

Our aim is to improve the lives of the Police family and we know that being financially fit is an integral part of someone’s overall wellbeing – that’s why we’ve developed the Financial Fitness plan!

We’ve collated some questions that we’re frequently asked at our Financial Education inputs and have developed a quick quiz that builds a personal financial plan depending on your answers.

The plan is not there to give you independent financial advice but gives you tips, ideas and things to think about that could help improve your finances.

So why not take the financial fitness quiz today and see if you can improve your finances…

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