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Improving the lives of the Police family

Wed 01 Mar 2017

A different mutual for a unique market

'Improving the lives' of members and customers is a simple thing to say, but not something many companies find easy to demonstrate. For Police Mutual, it's the reason we exist.

And it's something we've been doing for serving and retired Officers, Staff, Specials and their families, as well as the wider Police Service, since 1866.

What is wellbeing?

A dictionary definition of wellbeing is: "The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy".

Wellbeing can be viewed through a number of different lenses and the ones we look through consider financial and physical health as well as the impact that mental and community wellbeing has on an individual. By working to help Police personnel improve these aspects of their wellbeing...

• Financial wellbeing
• Physical wellbeing
• Mental wellbeing
• Community wellbeing

…we believe we can make a real difference to their work and home lives.

Financial Wellbeing

80% of emergency services employees struggle with the negative impact of financial worries, affecting mental wellbeing, relationships, health and productivity. Overall health and wellbeing is strongly linked to how effectively people manage their finances.

We aim to help improve the financial wellbeing of the policing community through education and prevention. That's why last year we delivered 1,800 financial education courses to forces helping around 20,000 people with their finances.

Physical Wellbeing

Being physically healthy helps people function to the best of their ability, enabling them to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

The vital importance of a fit and healthy Police Service is obvious, yet Police personnel can have busy, physically demanding roles; all too often putting themselves and their health at the bottom of their priorities.

In 2016 we spent around £600,000 on Police Mutual Foundation activities, such as 4,100 free mobile health screenings.

Mental Wellbeing

Right now, one in six of us is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress, according to research by the mental health charity, Mind.

Sometimes it can be hard to talk about mental health but not doing so can come at a large personal cost, impacting not only physical health but relationships too. Police Mutual funded research into mental health and provided £30,000 funding for patient advisers in Police Treatment centres.

Community Wellbeing

Serving and retired Police Officers and Staff play a key role in improving social wellbeing by connecting with communities.

Much of this valuable work is often done on a voluntary basis, in a person's own time and often goes unrecognised. Each year we commit £100,000 to Force for Good and community wellbeing projects, accepting nominations for grants of up to £1,000 to support the Police and their involvement in the neighbourhoods they serve.

It's important that the work we do and our products and services demonstrate our purpose of improving lives. To help keep us on track, we link everything we do as an organisation to making a difference to the wellbeing of existing and potential members and customers.

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