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Top tips for a successful family BBQ

Thu 01 Jun 2017

You can listen to what everyone else has been doing with their day, and get some fresh air and sunshine - all in the comfort of your own home. And you don't have to do all the hard work - sure, you might not want the kids too close to the hot coals, but they can help you prepare a fresh salad to go with the feast.

If you're planning a BBQ, here are some helpful hints to make sure it's a success.

The juiciest burgers

We all have our own BBQ favourite, whether that's a butterflied chicken breast, halloumi or chilli prawns grilled on the hot plate. But the most popular dish of all has to be a juicy burger.

The secret to a great barbecued burger is to sear in the juices quickly, then cook slowly - which means you need to create two zones on your grill. Create a hot zone with lots of coals, and a cooler zone, with fewer coals. Now grill each side of your burgers on a high heat for around 4 to 5 minutes, until brown and slightly crispy. Then move to cooler zone and grill slowly until they're cooked right through.

Don't be tempted to press down the patties with a spatula - this squeezes the juices out and causes flare ups which will burn the meat.

Food safety

Although the heat and flames from the grill may present the most obvious health risk, the way you prepare and cook the food can be equally hazardous. If you're cooking a mixed-meat feast, keep different raw products apart. So store raw meats in separate containers, and use different utensils and chopping boards for each.

It's all too-easy to char the outside while the inside remains raw. The easisiest solution is to pre-cook food in the oven before you transfer it to the BBQ. This way, your guests can still enjoy that unmistakable BBQ flavor, but without any nasty after-effects.

Don't be tempted to wash raw chicken before cooking - this will simply splash dangerous bacteria onto nearby surfaces and utensils. Rely on careful cooking to kill bacteria.

Then once everyone has been fed, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the day surrounded by family and friends.

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