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Make the most of your free time

Thu 01 Jun 2017

We have pulled together some fun and useful ideas to fill your spare time.

"Me time"

Everyone deserves a little "me time", and Police Officers and Staff more than most. That could be something simple you can do every day, like a walk in the park after dinner. Or something special each week, like watching your local football team.

If you have children, making time for yourself can be difficult. You probably find most of your "free time" gets taken up by their activities. But time to yourself is crucial if you're to relax and unwind properly. So if you can get away, why not treat yourself to a luxury spa experience, you can get a 10% discount on all spa vouchers and online bookings with - with wellbeing treatments and detox therapies at over 700 venues across the UK and beyond.

Join a club or evening class

When you get home after a tough day, the thought of prising yourself off the sofa to go out again may not sound too appealing. But if you know you're heading off to your favourite activity, it can brighten up your whole day. Have you ever looked what's on offer in your local area? There's a whole world of clubs and classes to choose from - everything from cookery to kung fu!

Joining a club enables you to learn more about a hobby you already enjoy, or to explore a new area of interest. Plus it's a great way to widen your circle of friends. So if you've the energy at the end of the day, put it to good use and enrich your life.

Take a break

If you have some leave coming up, why not make the most of it by taking the family away on a short break? Because if you spend it at home, time can easily slip away doing household chores, shopping or cleaning the car. But if you get away, even just a long weekend can feel like a week.

City breaks can be great fun, but if you have young children, you can quickly run out of things to do. So why not book a short stay at a holiday park? If you've never stayed in a mobile home, you might be surprised at the level of luxury. Many come complete with flat screen TV and DVD, plus fitted kitchen and outside decking. And most parks have a great range of activities for the whole family - whether you fancy an action-packed adventure or a leisurely long weekend.

As a reader of Undercover, you qualify for a £50 discount on bookings with Haven Holidays at 36 fabulous locations around the UK.

Set yourself a target

You may feel that you already have enough targets in your life, at work. But setting personal objectives can motivate you to get more out of your free time. We're not talking about formal targets - just some way of measuring progress in whatever you do. Like mastering a musical instrument, or learning another language.

Then whenever you have a spare half hour, instead of letting it slip by as you check your Facebook, you can make it work for you. It used to be called self-improvement, but it's really self-fulfilment.

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