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3 Creative Autumn DIY Ideas

Thu 28 Oct 2021

Top 3 DIY Tips for Autumn Decorations

Summer may be over, but the beautiful seasonal colours and cosy autumn atmosphere make it a great time of year for family walks and warm evenings enjoying the cosiness of your own home.

Embrace the seasonal charm with some autumn home decor and create a welcoming space that the whole family can enjoy. Have a look at our autumn decor ideas that all ages can enjoy making.


DIY autumn wreath

An autumn wreath to hang on the door is a great way to brighten up the front of your house. It’s simple to make, and all you need is a grapevine wreath or metal ring base and rafia yarn that you can find at any craft store. Then, you just need to rummage around the garden and find some dried flowers and autumn-coloured leaves that have dropped off the trees (this can keep the kids busy).

Following that, intertwine your garden findings into the wreath (whether you choose to wrap the rafia yarn around the metal base or use the ready-made grapevine alternative). For an extra autumnal feel, find some ornaments with dried fruit or mini pumpkins and scatter them evenly around the wreath.


Table centrepiece

Placing autumn decorations on your dining table is a lovely way to spice up your evenings. Like the wreath, you can use the natural greenery from the garden as an easy and cost-effective way to bring the warm seasonal colours into your home. All you need to do is scatter your garden flowers, pinecones and acorns in the centre of the table, then add some miniature pumpkins and dried citrus fruits for an extra sprinkle of festivity.


Mantelpiece jar

Another one of our autumn decor ideas is a simple yet effective seasonal jar that will look great on the mantelpiece. You’ll need a clean glass jar - any old jam jar will do, and a selection of garden greenery.

To maintain the colour and crispness of your garden findings, you can use a specialist decoupage sealer / finisher such as mod podge to glaze each individual leaf. Alternatively, you can use magnolia leaves, as they tend to dry out and turn a warm, autumnal colour which keeps over time.

Fill the jar full of the gorgeous autumn foliage and for a warm, farmhouse feel, add in some sprigs of wheat. These will feather out over the top, looking beautifully seasonal and welcoming - you can even add in some fairy lights into the jar for a little extra magic (check it’s not a fire hazard).

We know how important it is to make your house a cosy and safe place, and with these DIY ideas, you and your family can turn your home into an autumn wonderland.


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