Member Benefits

There are many reasons to join Police Mutual

We offer a better long-term deal

As we have no shareholders, we don't seek to make the biggest profit at your expense.

Any profits are used for the benefit of the Police family and our members so we're able to take a long-term view of your interests.

Our close affinity with the Police Service helps us keep our costs and charges really low so you can afford to save small amounts (and bigger amounts too!).

The right solutions for the Police

We understand the demands of your job and design our products and services around your needs. In many cases we can use our know-how to get better deals for you and your family.

We don't charge you extra for life insurance just because your job may be more dangerous than others.

Part of the Police Family

Senior members of Police, together with Serving Officers and Police Staff oversee everything we do, making sure we always do the right things for you and the Police Service.

Free help and support is available so you can feel more confident in managing your personal and financial welfare.

We work with forces to assist them where we believe it would help make the workplace better for you.

Police Mutual membership also comes with some of the unique member benefits like:


Free service for our Members - let us help you get the big decisions right

Member Care Service can offer you free, practical support whenever you need it.

Finding the right solution for you