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What is Force for Good?


Force for Good recipient

Force for Good is a national community sponsorship scheme set up by Police Mutual to support the wellbeing of local communities.

Want to support a good cause or initiative in your local area?

We're now open for applications to apply for funds from our Force for Good scheme to help community groups or projects near you.

These could include things like:

  • Equipment for a Scout, Brownie, Guide or similar youth group.
  • Kit for a children's sports team - gymnastics, hockey, football, etc.
  • Plants and tools for a community garden.
  • Anything, in fact, that's close to your heart.

You can apply for Force for Good funding for any amount up to £1,000 to support a local initiative in your community.




How have we helped?

Use the carousel below to read some testimonials from our previous winners.


  • esdas

    East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services

    Surrey based initiative, East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (ESDAS) received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Serving Police Officer, Amanda Aston nominated EDSAS, which is headed up by Michelle Blunsom. EDSAS was established in 1993 and provides hardship and distress relief for adults and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

    Michelle explains, “Domestic abuse has a devastating impact upon lives. Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant will enable us to be even more responsive to needs of survivors and their children. As a small organisation we are able to utilise every penny ensuring that it directly benefits our clients and has the maximum impact.”

  • St Pauls Youth Forum

    St Paul’s Youth Forum

    North East Glasgow based initiative, St. Paul’s Youth Forum received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    PC Scott Stewart nominated St. Paul’s Youth Forum, which was set up to give local youths access to computers and software for completing their school homework. Scott is an active volunteer for the charity, having personally benefitted from it during his own childhood.

    Scott explains, “Young people in our community struggle with traditional learning and we have some of the lowest education achievements in Scotland. St. Paul’s Youth Forum works with the community to give young people better life chances and choices. Police Mutual’s Force for Good Grant will help young people to use the internet safely and to continue their learning and development after school hours.”

  • Coffee morning

    Community Coffee Mornings

    Walsall based initiative, Community Coffee Mornings received a £300 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Serving Police Officer Gary Hall nominated Community Coffee Mornings, which was set up to bring lonely people from within the community together to chat, play games and have some neighbourly fun.

    Gary explains, “The Community Coffee Morning initiative is important in bringing people together and helping to combat loneliness. Police Mutual’s Force for Good Grant will make a big difference to the running and the future of the coffee club, who aim to put on even more activities for the locals over the summer months.”

  • Gardening

    Bee More Project

    North Yorkshire based initiative, the Bee More Project received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Retired police officer and founder of the Bee More Project, Simon Croker, nominated the Bee More Project, which was established to further develop local farming activities in order to benefit the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and thereby improve social and community integration.

    Simon explains, “I established the Bee More Project after seeing the way in which learning rural skills changes the lives of the long term unemployed, people with mental health conditions and ex-offenders. Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant has enabled us to purchase equipment that will be used on the farmland for therapeutic activities and skills development for our project beneficiaries."

  • Exercise programme for those suffering from cancer

    Surrey-based Police Officer, Michael Maguire received a £600 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Michael, who is a personal trainer and fitness instructor, is going to use the grant in order to undertake a four-day training course called ‘CU Fitter’ through charity Cancer United. This will enable him to deliver exercise programmes to those recovering from cancer.

    Michael explains, “My wife has recently been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, which led me to discover Cancer United, a registered charity and support group for people in the local community whose lives have been affected by cancer. Their CU Fitter initiative offers training to provide tailored exercise programmes for people in cancer recovery. Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant will allow me to take part in this training and therefore help cancer patients in the local area.”

  • Flowers

    Friends of Ferndene Park

    Gateshead based initiative, Friends of Ferndene Park received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Neighbourhood Police Constable, Andrew Hyde nominated Friends of Ferndene Park, which is an ex-council park that is now maintained by volunteers, and aims to provide a vibrant hub for the community and to reduce anti-social behavior locally.

    Andrew explains, “The park is key to our local community and we now hold monthly meetings there, encouraging local residents to attend in order to raise any concerns they have with the Police. Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant will help us purchase flowers and gardening equipment to help improve the image of the park and as such benefit all the park users.”

  • Shine

    Shine for Young Adults

    Sussex based initiative Shine for Young Adults, part of Carers Support West Sussex, received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. 

    Partner of serving Police Officer and Shine for Young Adults manager, Vanessa Hasted, nominated the initiative, which was established in 2012 in order to provide a service for former child carers as they become adults.

    Vanessa explains, “Shine provides information and support to young adult carers, many of whom are socially isolated due to their caring role, which often leaves them unable to mix with their peers. Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant will help fund promotional materials to help raise awareness among those who are not currently familiar with the service.”

  • Search Dogs

    Search Dogs Buckinghamshire

    Search Dogs Buckinghamshire (SDB), received a £450 grant in Police Mutual’s national community sponsorship programme, Force for Good. SDB was nominated by Chris Evans, Acting Sergeant for the Metropolitan Police Force.

    Chris is an active volunteer with SDB, which is one of the largest lowland rescue dog teams in England. The organisation has around 30 operational team members, 10 qualified dogs and 20 more in training.

    Chris explains, “Training and live searches are required all year round. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We assist Thames Valley Police and SAR teams in neighbouring counties in the search and safe recovery of missing vulnerable adults and children. In many environments, the use of our dogs provides the quickest way to locate a missing person and reunite them with their family.

    “Police Mutual’s Force for Good grant will be used for training to boost our number of operational dogs, which will enable us to respond faster and more effectively when we are called upon by the Police.”




How does it work?


Nominate projects

Nominate project(s)

When the nomination window is open, you can nominate as many projects as you want.

You can apply for funding for any amount up to £1,000, for projects that will enhance the lives and wellbeing of the local community.

Each project will be carefully assessed and judged by our panel before any sponsorship funding is awarded. Successful projects will be those that meet the criteria of creating a change that positively impacts the local community, through for example specific purchases, activities or the running costs of a programme.

Force for Good funding is open to non-members of Police Mutual as well as members and there is no purchase necessary to enter the scheme.

14 March

Nomination window closes

On 14 March 2018, our nomination window will close. If you do miss out, please look out for updates throughout the year for when we will launch our next initiative.

Successful nominations will be contacted before 15 April 2018.

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Nominations reviewed

A few weeks after the nomination window has closed, our Force for Good judging panel will review all of the nominations and assign appropriate monetary awards and gifts for the successful projects.

Prizes include cheques, gift vouchers, first aid kits, bottles and sporks


Redemption period

All nominated projects will be contacted.

Successful nominations will be given the ability to claim their prize, via email in the first instance.

If the prize is not claimed, Police Mutual will contact you by another means to ensure you are aware.

You may be contacted by Police Mutual or its associates for press purposes




How do I enter?

The nomination window is now closed.