You're sorting out your car insurance - just basic Social, Domestic, Pleasure & Commuting cover of course, because all you really do is drive to work and back and use the car at weekends.

So far, so fully insured. But if you're a police officer and you use your car to get around while you're at work, you could find you're underinsured.

With insurance decisions often made purely on the basis of cost, insurers can try to reduce the price by reducing the level of cover or increasing the excess. Some may also offer a discount if your car isn't used for any business purpose, but this might not reflect the specialist nature of your policing role.

Many officers are buying basic SDP&C cover to try and save a few pounds, but this could mean driving without adequate insurance - and an uninsured accident could be extremely costly.

Look closely at the wording of your policy and you'll find that the 'Commuting' part of SDP&C cover usually means journeys to and from a single permanent place of work. Police officers are unusual because they often find themselves stationed somewhere which is not permanent, or at multiple locations, something which is not always understood by insurance companies.

In all of the examples below, if you're using your personal vehicle for official police business and only have basic SDP&C cover, you may be uninsured: 

  • Travelling to court, to HQ or to a training centre
  • Travelling to work from home during a shift
  • Travelling to meetings where mileage is claimed, for example if you're a Police Federation Rep

Getting an insurance quote from a specialist provider is one way of avoiding the risk of underinsurance. At Police Mutual we understand your job and also recognise that in many cases you're a lower risk so we price our products for you - which is why over 90% of our customers renewed with us last year.

If you want to talk to us about the level of car insurance that's right for you, give us a call on 0151 242 7640.

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